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Top Signs that the Roof Seriously Needs a Repair

With a well-maintained roof that is appropriately repaired, you tend to safeguard the elements of your household and get rid of issues caused by the roof damage. How could you determine whether your roof needs a repair? It is by the signs of roof repair. So here we have the signs that your roof needs repair! 

The interior signs of damage 🛑 

Firstly, we will start with the internal signs that are in the interior of your house. There might be some signs that indicate larger damage and immediate repair, and some might be not such where immediate repair is needed.

Water stains on the ceilings of the roof and the walls 💦

Water stains on the ceiling indicate that the roof is damaged and water has penetrated it. The water can travel from the actual point to the roof’s other parts, and it can damage the roof seriously. And the repair process also becomes a bit complicated.

Therefore, in case you are experiencing early signs of water stains, then it is a must to promptly carry out the process of repair because if delayed, it can cause damage to the overall structure, and mold growth can start as well.

Ceilings sagging 

The sagging of the ceilings is another interior sign that suggests that a lot of damage is done to the roof. The ceiling sagging can be a potential risk of overall structural damage or even the failure of your structure of the building. It is a sign that there are potential leaks over time, and it has caused the ceiling to sag. The chance of mold growth there increases because of the constant damp conditions that are being given to these organisms.

It is a more serious sign in comparison to the leaks, so it must be quickly treated unless it will cause potential risk to the building structure, and it can collapse if it is constantly ignored over time.

Exterior signs of roof damage 🏠

In exterior damage, we have a list of signs

Visible roof damage 🏚

In the visible roof damage, you can easily see from the outside that the roof has apparent cracks and holes. The presence of any of the clear crake or hoe is an indication that there is an issue with your roof, and it needs a quick repair. Delaying a case of any of the visible cracks is just asking for trouble. As it will not only disturb your roof but also increase the cost of roof repair in Chicago or roof replacement in the future.

Damage to the shingles or missing one        

Another exterior damage sign is the damage to the shingles. Shingles are the overlapping elements in the roof covering. Shingles are one of the most important parts of the roof as they act as a protective layer and they direct the rainwater away. In case any of the shingles is missing or damaged then the risk of leakage from that portion will increase, and it can cause the interior signs of leaks as described above.

So, as a house owner, you should try to periodically look at your shingles, and in case of any damage signs, you should quickly act upon them.

Presence of granules in the gutters/ driveway 🛣

Another one of the signs of exterior damage that is related to shingles damage is the presence of granules in the gutters. The shingle can deteriorate over time, and it generates small granules that go into the gutters or your driveway. If you see the presence of these granules, it indicates that the shingle is getting damaged, and it can potentially damage the whole roof.

The lifespan of the shingle decreases with the loss of granules, and it causes roof damage. So, it is advised to periodically check the granules in your gutters and driveway.

Attic ventilation issues 🚩

In order to understand the attic ventilation issue as a sign of roof damage, we first have to consider the function of the attic ventilation. So coming to the point the attic ventilation is done for the two prime purposes. First is to control the internal heat, and next is to remove the moisture.

The attic system of ventilation is designed to help your house breathe. In the system, it has inlet vents and exhaust vents; the inlet ones are the vents that are present at the bottom of the house’s roof. The exhaust vents are the ones present on the top of the roof. The benefit of these vents is that in the attic, the temperature can increase a lot, almost 160 degrees Fahrenheit, so it helps to maintain the temperature. This system is not properly working. Heat buildup can occur and cause the roof to degrade, so it is important to have one properly functioning attic ventilation system.

Apart from the temperature element, moisture buildup can also occur in the house by cooking, showering, and such activities. This moisture condenses on the inside of the roof & mold growth occurs, damaging the roof by decreasing its strength and making it soft. So, ventilation removes that excess moisture, making your roof last long.

So overall, if you are experiencing any roof damage, poor attic ventilation can also be a major reason for this.

Energy utilization increase 🔋 

Another sign is the increase in energy utilization in order to control the internal temperature of the house. In case you have a compromised roof, what happens is that the internal environment is not insulated appropriately. When the internal environment is not insulated correctly, there is a great expense in order to keep the house warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

This can be a potential sign, and it must not be ignored, as your roof might be experiencing hidden damages that are not visible.


If you are experiencing these signs, it’s essential to consider roof repair in Chicago. And when you’re looking for a roofing service provider that can make your life easier, Anchor Point Roofing might be the one you need. Give us a try!


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