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The 10 Best Things To Do In Chicago (Attractions & More)

chicago downtown skyscrapers bird's view

Chicago has many attractions for every taste. This article lists the 10 best things to do in the Windy City, from museums to shopping. Let’s see what makes Chicago a great place to visit!

Top Attractions in Chicago

Some of Chicago’s top attractions are the Art Institute, Millennium Park and The Bean, Wrigley Field, The Magnificent Mile, beaches, boat rides, cycling, and craft beer.

1. The Art Institute of Chicago

Chicago Art museum entrance green lion statue

The Art Institute of Chicago is a world-class museum with a Greek-style design and a diverse collection of art from different cultures and eras. It has famous works like “American Gothic” and “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.”

It’s a campus of artistic brilliance and creative genius. It’s also near Grant Park, where you can enjoy the beautiful gardens and sculptures. You can also visit the museum’s gift shop to buy souvenirs or browse its permanent collection. You can also admire the public art installations around the museum, such as the lions at the entrance or the bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln.

2. Millennium Park and Cloud Gate

Millennium Park is a downtown hotspot with green spaces and free concerts. The city’s north main attraction is the Cloud Gate – a reflective sculpture known as “The Bean.” It’s a popular spot for photos and art lovers.

Admire the stunning Chicago skyline here, especially at night. You can also check out the nearby Maggie Daley Park, where you can enjoy ice skating, rock climbing, and playgrounds.

3. Wrigley Field

Chicago Wrigley Field entrance

Wrigley Field is an old and iconic ballpark in Wrigleyville. It was home to the Chicago Bears and now hosts the Chicago Cubs. Bars, clubs, and shops surround it. It’s a unique attraction for baseball fans and symbolizes Chicago’s life. You can also visit the nearby Lincoln Park Zoo to see exotic animals and plants.

Try some famous Chicago style hot dogs at one of the many vendors around the stadium. You can also see the Wrigley Building, a historic landmark on North Michigan Avenue.

4. Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry is a fascinating and educational attraction. It’s in an old building from the 1893 World’s Fair. It has exhibits on space, science, and technology. Families can see a submarine, a health exhibit, and a science storm exhibit. It shows the wonders of science and innovation.

Check out the Garfield Park Conservatory to see tropical plants and flowers. You can also visit the nearby Hyde Park, where you can explore the University of Chicago campus and Obama’s home. You can also visit the Legoland Discovery Center to see Lego models of Chicago landmarks.

5. The Magnificent Mile

Chicago famous the magnificient mile district

The Magnificent Mile is a famous shopping district on Michigan Avenue. It has luxury brands and high-end stores. It also has tourist attractions like the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), Millennium Park, and Navy Pier. Visitors can enjoy fine dining and events.

See the John Hancock Center, one of Chicago’s world-class museums and tallest buildings. You can also take an architecture river cruise to learn more about the city’s history and design. You can also visit the American Writers Museum, which celebrates American literature.

6. Visit Chicago beaches

Chicago’s beaches are a must-visit for sun and sand lovers. They have 26 miles of lakefront and urban views. North Avenue Beach is a famous and family-friendly beach. You can swim, play, or relax on the sand. Chicago’s beaches are perfect for a summer day.

Take a boat ride along the Chicago River or Lake Michigan, where you can see the city from a different perspective. You can also cycle along the Lakefront Trail or visit some of the parks along the shore, such as Jackson Park or Humboldt Park. You can also enjoy some deep-dish pizza at one of the many restaurants near the beach.

7. Glide along the Chicago River

view of chicago river and downtown

Glide along the Chicago River for a few hours and enjoy the city’s amazing architecture and skyline. You can choose from boat tours or kayak adventures, day or night. The river is a great way to experience Chicago’s culture and beauty.

8. Stroll along the Chicago Riverwalk

The Chicago Riverwalk is a scenic waterfront with amazing city architecture views. You can enjoy meals, boat tours, and landmarks along the promenade. The Riverwalk is a beautiful and exciting place to visit. You can also see the Tribune Tower, a historic building that houses the Chicago Tribune newspaper. You can also visit the nearby Market Chicago to shop for local products and souvenirs.

9. Bike to the suburbs on the North Branch Trail

The North Branch Trail is a great biking trail in the Chicago suburbs. It has paved and unpaved paths, views of the river and forests, and access to downtown Chicago. You can also see attractions like the lagoons and gardens. The trail is fun and scenic for all bikers. You can also visit the Chicago Botanic Garden to see stunning flowers and plants. You can also stop by the Green Mill, a famous jazz club Al Capone once frequented.

10. Shedd Aquarium

bird's view of Chicago Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium is a popular aquarium by Lake Michigan. It has amazing aquatic animals and guided tours to learn about them. It has many exhibits, experiences, and programs to explore nature. It’s also sustainable and environmentally friendly. It’s a unique lakeside attraction for animal lovers in Chicago.

Visit the Museum Campus, a central location where you can see other museums like the Field Museum of Natural History or the Adler Planetarium. You can also see the Buckingham Fountain, one of the largest fountains in the world.


Chicago has many attractions for everyone. You can experience the city’s air and culture by visiting some of its neighborhoods, such as Wicker Park or Logan Square. You can also admire the city’s architecture by visiting landmarks such as Skydeck Chicago at Willis Tower or Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio. Or enjoy some of the city’s specialties, such as deep-dish pizza. Chicago is a city that will surprise and delight you with its diversity and charm.

You can also check out some of the city’s many other world-class art museums and art galleries, such as the National Museum of Mexican Art. Or enjoy some entertainment options, such as the Second City comedy club or the Symphony Center for classical music.

Stay in some of the city’s central locations, such as the West Loop or North Michigan Avenue, where you can find hotels with floor-to-ceiling windows and warm-weather amenities. Chicago is a city that will make you want to come back again and again.

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