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Signs It’s Time For Professional Roof Replacement For Your Home Sweet Home

Whether you’ve lived in your dream home for decades now, or recently acquired a decades-old house, you’re going to have to think about a roof replacement. The longer that you ignore the likelihood that the time has come, the more damage you could cause to your roofing system and home.

Ignoring the need for a new roof can significantly compromise the structural integrity of your roof and your home in general. The first step in the process isn’t the actual replacement; it’s locating a reputable roofing contractor to work with.

When you already have a dependable industry pro on your side, you’ll probably already have regular roof inspections scheduled. By doing so, you’ll be in the know about the current condition of your roof, and the need for a replacement won’t be a surprise.

Be On the Lookout For These Red Flags

Above all else, know the type of roofing system you have and what the projected lifespan is. For instance, a well-maintained asphalt shingle rooftop should last 20-25 years.

On the other hand, a metal roof that’s taken care of can last 50 or more years. The reason you need to know about your roof type is to be aware of how close you are to the end of the projected life cycle.

Also, keep in mind:

The Severity of the Repairs

Some damages are too extensive, and replacement is a better solution. Hail damage is a prime example of damage that is often too much for your roof to handle, and repairs won’t suffice.

The Repair Cost vs. the Current Worth

Maybe you can technically repair your roof, but is that the cost-effective solution? If the expense of repairs is 50% or higher than the value of your roofing system, a replacement makes better sense. Please don’t spend more than you should repair a roof when it may be more financially savvy to invest that into an alternative.

How Soon Until You Need Repairs Again?

Even if you hire a contractor to mend the existing issues and it all looks good, how long until you need more repairs? If you’re going to end up in a cycle of ongoing maintenance, it makes more sense to opt for replacement.

Bring in the Experts

You have plenty of options available for a roofer. However, when quality counts, Anchor Point Roofing is your resource.

We’re a long-term solution team in a world of quick but temporary fix companies. Get in touch with us today and let us show you what it’s like to work with a leading Chicago roofing contractor.

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