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Red Flags That Mean You Need Roof Replacement

There are typically two camps of homeowners: diligent and lackadaisical. The careful type of homeowner knows every feature’s history and has the receipt for every time the home was worked on.

The carefree kind may have an approximation about some of these details and work orders, but it’s mostly based on guesswork. There’s nothing wrong, per se, with the latter kind of property owner, but it can make things more problematic when it’s time to make significant decisions.

For instance, does your roof just need repairs, or are there signs you need a replacement? If you’ve been a bit careless with your home’s history, it may not be as obvious an answer, but you can still figure it out.

What’s Your Roof Trying To Tell You?

Unless we suffer some unexpected major weather event, most rooftops don’t deteriorate overnight. Any roofing contractor has a horror story or two about finding a customer whose roof was so far gone; it shouldn’t have still been intact.

It’s never a good idea to roll the dice and see how long your rooftop can remain in place, so let’s be realistic about some red flags that mean you need a new roof replacement.

Missing Granules

When your shingles start losing granules and going bald, it’s time to call in professional help. If you spot loose granules in the grass or gutters, have your roof inspected.

Sagging Signs

Once a roofline is showing signs of sagging, it means it’s lost structural support. The longer you wait to get professional help, the more likely you are to suffer total collapse.

Cracks, Ripples, & Blisters – Oh My!

Any dramatic change in your roof can be a symptom of an expired roof. Cracks, curling, blistering, rippling, drying, or shrinking are examples of warning signs that mean you need roof repairs, at the very least, but most likely need replacement.

Get Proactive About The Condition

The best thing you can do is get proactive about preventative maintenance by scheduling your roof inspections. This is the only way to stay current with the condition of your roofing system.¬†Make it a point to know the age; asphalt shingle roofs last approximately 20 years. When you suspect you need repairs, don’t procrastinate.

Give Anchor Point Roofing a call today, and let’s assess the state of your rooftop. You can also contact us if you know you need Chicago roof replacement service – we deliver nothing but the best.

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