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Consider Green Roofing for Your Roof Replacement

If you never heard the phrase “Green Roofing”  before, it is a roofing type where the roof is covered with vegetation. It may sound strange as you think that it might damage your building, but it has additional layers to guard your roof. 

This is a new trend that is going on in recent times, and people are more and more inclined towards opting for this roof type when they are tired of roof repair in Chicago and need a roof replacement.

What is Green Roofing’s structure 🌱

Talking about the green roofing basic layers, the one on the top is the vegetation, which is the main part. This layer gives the overall green look to the roof structure. There is a substrate layer also present on which the vegetative layer is present. Apart from the vegetation and substrate, there is a membrane barrier for the moisture so the water doesn’t penetrate the roof’s structure.

There is a root barrier in the roofing structure, and it prevents the roots from damaging the actual roof structure so that the roof does not get damaged by the roots and they don’t penetrate the roof. Moreover, there are other layers also present in the drainage layer and irrigation system. These are present to remove the water, make it drain properly, and water the vegetation for their growth.

Advantages/ benefits of green roofing✅

Energy Efficiency 🔋

The green roofs provide the benefit that they act as insulation for the house, and by providing that insulation for the house, the internal temperature of the house remains normal. So in case of extreme weather conditions like summers and winters, this insulation saves the energy cost on the cooling and heating respectively.

Stormwater Management:⛈️

One of the major benefits that we get from green roofing is stormwater management. They tend to absorb the rainwater, so we can easily manage rainwater and reduce the water that would run down. This roof type absorbs water, slowly evaporates it, and uses it for plant use, acting like a sponge. In case we have a look at the statistics, a good green roof can retain up to 60 percent of the total annual precipitation, which is very much water retention.

Environmental Conservation 🏕️

Green roofing is a great way for people to promote the biodiversity element in the environment. With greenery on the roof, the environment is much healthier. And it overall reduces the urban heat island effect as heat from the roofing construction material is not absorbed and retained.

Enhanced curb appeal 🏙

The use of green roofing overall increases the curb appeal of the house. Your house can catch a few eyeballs from visitors, and they like your house. With a green roof installed, the overall aesthetic value of your house increases. Your house presents a unique look, and it increases the overall value of your house in the market as well.

Extended roof lifespan ⏱

In vegetative or green roofing, various protective layers are installed, increasing the roof’s overall life. These protective structures also reduce the need for roof repair in Chicago.

Air quality and noise reduction 🍃🔇

The green roofing increases the overall air quality in your surroundings. With green roofing, the vegetation filters the areas and reduces the pollutants in the air, releasing oxygen in the surroundings, and this enhances the air quality of your surroundings.

Moreover, apart from air pollution, green roofing also promotes the reduction of noise pollution. It can absorb the noise from the outdoors and reduce the overall noise.    

Installation process of green roofing 🛠️

In the installation process of green roofing, we have to go through the following structured approach.

  • Firstly, what we have to do is to consider the existing structure. The existing structure of your roof must be capable and tough enough to handle the load of a green roof. And for that, you can inspect it and go for changes if needed.
  •  In that process, we have to find out whether it would be able to handle the green roof or not. If it can bear the load, then it’s fine. If not, then we have to make amendments to the structure and modify it to make it strong so that it can bear the load.
  • After that process, we have to first start with the waterproofing membrane and then the root barrier. The waterproofing will help protect the roof from moisture, and the root barrier will protect the roots from damaging both the membrane layer and the roof.
  • Afterwards, the step is the installation of the drainage layer. The drainage layer is crucial because it is required for proper water management, and the drainage helps direct the excess water flow away from the roof.
  • Then, the process is to add a filter fabric on the top of this drainage layer. This filter fabric benefits in the aspect that it prevents fine particles from clogging the drainage ladder, and thus, the water can easily pass without any disturbance.
  • Then, we have to add the medium for the growth of the vegetation. This medium is also called the substrate; it provides the plant with all the support that is required to grow in terms of nutrients and support. After that, we plant the vegetation layer. It is often recommended to plant vegetation that is suitable for the environment and can easily grow in that habitat.  
  • After the plantation, an optional system is also planted, and it is planted in case the climate is a bit dry, and the vegetation needs moisture; then, it will irrigate the vegetation and provide it with the moisture that it needs for growth. Apart from that, it is also recommended to create the paths for the maintenance checks for walking. So a person can walk in between when he is checking the roof.

Overall, the green roof is a great structure to enhance the house’s look and contribute to the environment. If you are looking for a roofing company that can provide this service with precise, skilled work and affordable costing, Anchor Point Roofing in Chicago is the way to go! 

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