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A How-to Guide for The Process of Roof Replacement

In case your house’s roof here in Chicago has faced damage and damage in the sense of environmental impact or any other thing. There are two options, and they depend upon the impact of the damage. These options are roof repair in Chicago and roof replacement. If your roof is damaged and causing a serious impact on the house, then replacement is a must, but if your roof has experienced a lesser extent of damage, you can opt for roof repair in Chicago.

Now, assuming that you have a roof replacement to get done, we will guide you through the whole process of roof replacement.

Planning and preparing the roof replacement 🎯

The planning and preparation of the roof replacement is a crucial thing to do. In planning, a must-do thing is thoroughly inspecting the roof. First, take an overall look around at the existing roof’s structure. Look for the degree of damage and the current conditions of the roof structure. You must look at all the places and find out if there is any need for replacement or if it could be sorted out through the normal roof repair.

Look at the shingles, look for leaks from the roof and damaged flashing, etc. All these points must not be ignored. Now, if the replacement is certain, then you must set a budget for the process. In budgeting, you can research from Google and get a quote of how much money this procedure can cost, and then you arrange that budget. Moreover, you must also consider which material would be the most suitable for your roof’s replacement. Try to opt for a weather-resistant one to cut down the costs you would be spending on periodic roof repairs.

Hire a professional 👷🏼‍♂️

After you have planned the whole process, you have to do the next thing: opt for a professional. You are looking to hire a professional who is providing you with the services related to roof replacement. You have to be mindful because a professional who is not adept at his work will cause more headaches, and you will not get the desired results from the process.

For hiring a professional, the first step is the research element. While you are researching, you check their online reviews. The online reviews tell you about the people’s thoughts about the service provider. You can look for testimonials from their previous clients, and you can also hear from the market about their reputation. In hiring, the next major thing is their expertise. They must be adept in their work and provide you with precise, skilled workers. And lastly, look for their cost of repair. If it fits your budget, you can go for it then.

In case you are here in Chicago and opting for roof replacement or roof repair in Chicago, then you can choose Anchor Point Roofing, as we have all these three boxes ticked.

Documentation aspects 🪪

The next step is the documentation. After the contractor has obtained the required permits from the local authorities, most of the time, it is required to obtain certain permissions before the actual process starts.

This documentation and the permits are crucial because if they are not obtained, the government can disturb the process of replacement, so you get to deal with the hassle of work stopped in between, and you get to pay the workers and the company even if the work is not done.

Roofing material types to select from 🏗️

The roofing material selection is a crucial step, and we made a list of some popular roofing types so you can easily choose which one you prefer.

  • Asphalt shingle is one type of majorly used type of roofing material. The asphalt shingle is a popular material, and the reason for its popularity lies in its versatility and adaptability to harsh climates.
  • The next one is metal roofing. They hold great durability as they are steel or aluminum made. Moreover, they are not impacted by pests and fire. Thus, they provide you with safety for a long time.
  • The next on the list is concrete roofing. The concrete roofing is an old style and yet very elegant in its appearance. It is quite durable and where there is hot weather they do quite well.
  • Wood shingles are another material that is mostly used for roofing. The wood shingles provide a natural look to your roof, and you get a good lifespan as well in case you do regular maintenance.
  • There are many synthetic materials that are also available such that they mimic the natural look of the slates or wood. They don’t burden your pocket as much as the other types, so they are a good option if you are short on budget.


Removal and installation 🏘️

The next step in the process is the removal of the old roof and installation of the new one. In removal, make sure to remove everything and practice safety precautions. And make the roof ready for the new roof installation. While you have removed the old roof, don’t just throw it away; make sure that you have properly recycled the materials overall.

There are three main components when you are opting for roof replacement. First is the underlayment installation. The underlayment is a layer that provides protection against moisture and stops moisture penetration into the roof structure. It is mostly made up of synthetic material.

The next is the installment of the flashing. The flashing prevents water infiltration to the roof, and it is most important for vulnerable areas like chimneys where there is a lot more chance of water infiltration. It has metal strips that are attached to the roof with the cement and ensure a watertight seal.

The last part is the shingle placement; make sure that they are accurately placed and that there is no such space in between for water penetration. Use quality roofing nails and follow the guidelines of the manufacturer. And that’s it, and you are done with the work!

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